Nelson Mandela University NMU Alumni Association

Nelson Mandela University NMU Alumni Association


About Alumni Association


The Association supports and enhances the realization of the University’s vision and mission through maintaining and expanding positive relationships with its members and through utilising and maximising their expertise, goodwill and influence in support of the University.


Persons to whom a degree or diploma has been awarded to by the University, the former University of Port Elizabeth or the former Port Elizabeth Technikon.

Any person to whom the Executive Committee of the Association, upon invitation to or application by such person, has been granted membership of the Association.

Goals & Functions

  • To enhance the image of the association both inside and outside the NMU community as an important stakeholder body and an asset to NMU to support the realization of the university’s mission and goals
  • To foster loyalty to and pride in NMU among members through effective communication so that they may positively influence others.
  • To provide and foster the provision of opportunities for Alumni to contribute in financial and other meaningful ways to the advancement of NMU
  • To provide Alumni opportunities to benefit from their relationship with the university
  • To promote, protect and maintain the rights of the Alumni Association.
  • To promote the ideals and purpose of the University to constituencies and stakeholders of the University.


We value our alumni:

  • Our alumni are our success stories.
  • Our alumni form our global footprint
  • Our alumni have a permanent relationship with us.
  • Our alumni are our most valuable brand ambassadors

Life Lessons


This booklet was inspired by the amazing life stories of our alumni and honorary doctorate recipients whose contribution to society is tremendous. We asked some of our top-achieving alumni to share a significant lesson in leadership that has been central to their career and life’s journey. The resulting  quotes not only make for interesting reading but will hopefully also inspire us to think about what drives us to achieve and whether we are making a difference in society. The lessons have been linked to our institutional values to reflect how these values can be lived.


The booklet is an introduction to thousands of other amazing alumni stories. We encourage alumni to share their life and leadership lessons by filling in the form below.

We are proud of our alumni and their impact globally and locally – and we are positive that the university’s impact on society will continue to increase. My own contribution is, “Never underestimate the power of passion and commitment to want to make a difference”. And I am proud to say these traits are exemplified by our Alumni Association Executive Committee.


Paul GG Geswindt
Director: Alumni Relations


Sharing your life lessons!


“1) Life is a journey, so cherish all its moments. 2) We are what we give the industry, without people we are as good as dead. 3) Children are the best gifts you can ever get, so provide them with a good education you can afford.”

Molefi  Nketekete ( BSc CS, BSc Hons CM, 2012)


“Learn to listen Be humble Have an open mind Meet all sorts of people Associate yourself with people who you aspire to be or who fully support you Do no be scared believe in your self Be selfish(PUT YOURSELF FIRST) Get a hobby You are going to lose friends its ok gives you time to yourself DON’T compare your progress it will discourage you Be independent support yourself Be yourself either people like you or they don’t if they don’t they see you as a threat 🙂 and Fight for your happiness”

Roonie Mutsinze  (BTech Tourism Management, 2011)


“Education is a life long journey one that will always be remembered. I have grown to love working with the youth of our country and abraod. We all have a gift within us to share with the world. We need to unlock that gift and uplift those who are around us. Hardwork, dedication and success goes hand in hand. Always do your best!”


Sancia Johnson (BEd Hons, 2014)


“Every day is an opportunity given by the moments that come your way. It’s not what comes your way, but rather how you choose to respond to them, that gives these opportunities a creative or destructive power. So choose well and you will surely soar!”

Ross Johnston (BCom, 1998)


“Life is too short live it to the fullest.”

Pamella Madaka (ND Tourism Management, 2011)


“Irrespective of your personal or professional circumstances, always respect those around you, whether they are family, friends, colleagues or strangers. By showing respect you will gain support in everything you do.”

Arno Taljaard (MBA, 2009)


“Elkeen moet self reik en streef en WERK vir dit wat jy wil bereik. Behandel ander soos wat ekself behandel wil word.”

A Marais (BTech Cost & Management Accounting, 2000)


“Passion is the fuel of success. Work without passion is like a car with no wheels – its going nowhere. There are two Rules I live by – 1) Do what you love and 2) Be excellent at it. if you can get this right, all else will follow.”

William Akoto (MCom Economics cum laude, 2009)


“I have learnt not to compromise my values & principles just to be with the in crowd or impress people at work or in general. Staying true to myself and my beliefs makes life less complicated and brings me joy. Another important lesson, is that I can love everyone, but not necessarily like everyone or like what they do. I strive to love as Jesus does. A Life quote I try to live by is: “By being myself I put something wonderful and beautiful in the world that was not there before!”

Clarissa Murison (BTech HR Management, 2008)

“Find a relevant niche for yourself and become an expert in it. Don’t be satisfied with the way things are – aim to make it better! These two things will make you indispensable and will make achieving your goals a lot easier.”

Michelle Hardy-Berrington (MA Applied Media, 2010)

Mandela’s servant leadership style was inclusive & communal. He placed his followers’ needs above his own, which is testimony to his humility and style of leading by example. The core of ‘ubuntu’ was in his empathy for others and inspired those around him with his charisma, passion and commitment to SA. Mandela taught me the merit of forgiving & moving forward for the common good. As a proud Mandela Rhodes Scholar I hope to model his leadership. He had great dream and left an undeniable legacy.

Jessica Baker (Bachelor of Social Work (Cum Laude),2012)

“Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, look for ways in making life easier for the person who you are reporting too. Approach work ethically and with integrity. Work like you are working for Jesus.”

Carl van Loggerenberg (BTech Forestry, 1990)

“Starting a business does not require millions but the little you have can be managed to accumulate to those heights. Small customers should be given the same respect as big customers because big customers can put you out of business if not well managed.”

Alex Kizito (BCom Industrial Psychology, 2011)


“If your efforts fail to reach the last grain of sand on the seashore, know that the current and tide created thereby, will.”

Athol Muller (BTech Logisitics, 2004)


“There is nothing for nothing. Hard work pays with luck. Listen and never stop learning.”

Vuyo Tshangana (B. Proc, 2000)


“Always be aware of your strengths in the workplace and never compromise your integrity.”

Nontutuzelo Plaatjie (NDip Logistics, 2012)


“Always keep your personal life and academic/prospective career at two different ends. This ensures that the one does not have a negative impact on the other. Prepare adequately and thoroughly, don’t hold back on additional research, adopt the need to be more competent and informed in your area of study, persevere, challenge yourself and exceed all limits. It is only as hard as we make it out to be. Stay positive! Your choices are the path to your destiny, make it a fulfilling journey.”

Nabeela Abrahams (BTech HRM (Cum Laude), NDip HRM (Cum Laude)


“That value added learning is so much more important, than only being street smart. The values echoed by our University sets about a High Presidency and live long learning principle both for the individual as well as for future job settings. Experiential learning is key in setting up foundation for oneself and ongoing formation.”

Jolindon Petersen (BA Honours Group Dynamics, 2013)

Walk the talk! Do not take up office if you cannot deliver! Do not volunteer if you are not going to show up! In essesnce, lead by example and be predictable. Ask yourself what difference you make in people’s lives? Does not matter how small the difference might be! But at least you start small as opposed to doing nothing. As Baltasar Gracian puts it “What matters is not being applauded when you arrive – for that is common – but being missed when you leave.”

Desiree dos Santos (MPhil Conflict & Transformation Management, 2015)

Submit your life lesson

Alumni Bursary Fund


Dear Alumni & Friends


•The demand for financial support by financially needy and academically deserving students is growing and the current government, corporate and university support system cannot support everyone in need.  To this end, the Association has identified bursary support as a priority focus area based on the current situation and the fact that it contributes to human development.
•The Association works closely with the Financial Aid Office and renders support in a variety of areas that the current system cannot always deal with. Support includes helping a deserving student with textbooks, a contribution towards fees, assisting them to get to campus etc. More information is available on our website


•We look forward to your support. Please contact the Director: Alumni Relations, Paul Geswindt, if you would like to make a contribution towards this fund. His contact details are or +27 504 3935.

Alumni Annual Fund

Alumni can give back to their alma mater in many different ways financial and in kind eg good, services or expertise.

Your financial contribution can make a big difference and we offer many ways in which to contribute financially.

You can give what you can afford and donate to the university priority area of your choice.

  1. You can make regular monthly contribution eg R100-00
  2. You can donate a big amount eg a R10 000-00 or R100 000 for a particular project or the endowment.
  3. You can leave a legacy by making NMMU a beneficiary of a life policy (see Legacies).
  4. You can bequeath your estate or part thereof to the university (see Legacies).


See attached document update and contribution form.


Please e-mail (Annual Fund) for further details or phone +27 41 5043935 for them to contact you.


Our banking details:

Account name: NMMU-ALUMNI
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Port Elizabeth
Account number: 080292321
Branch code: 000417

FIles you can downoad:

1.9 MB   NMMU-Alumni-Update-Donation-form

Contact Us – Alumni Relations Staff

Name: Mr Paul Geswindt

Position: Director: Alumni Relations

Qualifications: BComEd (UPE), BComHons (Unisa), PGDE (NMMU), MA (NMMU)

Location: Summerstrand Campus (North)

Telephone: 27 41 504 3935

Fax: 27 41 504 1417


Name: Ms Santhoshini Petersen

Position: Alumni Relations Coordinator

Qualifications: BA Psychology (NMMU), BA Honours: Conflict & Transformation Management  (NMMU)

Location: Summerstrand Campus (North)

Telephone: 27 41 504 9698

Fax: 27 41 504 1417


Name: Mrs Liscka Hendricks

Position: Alumni Relations Office Administrator

Qualifications: NDip Journalism (NMMU), BTech Journalism (NMMU)

Location: Summerstrand Campus (North)

Telephone: 27 41 504 3935

Fax: 27 41 504 1417


Name: Ms Wendy Scheepers

Position: University Shop Assistant

Location: Summerstrand Campus (North)

Telephone: 27 41 504 4371

Fax: 27 41 504 1851


Name: Shene Du Toit

Position: PR/Marketing Assistant: University Shop & Pre Alumni, Acting Manager: University Shop

Location: Summerstrand Campus North

Telephone: 041 504 4868

Fax: 27 41 504 1851


Physical Address                                       Postal Address

Alumni Relations Office                                PO Box 77000

Block D, Room 0003                                    Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University


North Campus, Summerstrand                      Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 6031