Application Documents for Admission At the UFS Postgraduate School Studies

Application Documents for Admission At the UFS Postgraduate School Studies

Become a UFS student in nine (9) steps:

  1. Apply online or in hard copy (undergraduate or postgraduate).
  2. Your application form is processed, and you will receive a student number as reference.
    If you have not submitted the required documents, you will be requested to do so in order to finalise your application.
  3. You are conditionally admitted once you meet all the admission requirements.
  4. If you have applied for campus residence, you will now receive correspondence from our Housing and Residence Affairs division.
  5. If you are accepted when the final Grade 12 results become available in January 2018, you will receive a letter of acceptance.
  6. You have to make a prepayment five (5) days prior to registration in January 2018. Use your student number as the reference number.
  7. Register during January 2018.
  8. Get your study material and timetable after registration.
  9. Enjoy your classes, which start in February 2018.

Financial Aid for Prospective, Current, and Postgraduate Students

A quality product is never cheap. However, this should not discourage you from studying!

At Kovsies, we do our best to assist you in dealing with these financial challenges.


  • Visit our Financial Aid Department’s website here:
  • For a list of bursaries, fellowships, and loans, please visit this page:
  • Visit our Postgraduate School for information on ways of funding your postgrad studies or obtaining a postgrad bursary.

Apply to study in 2019

Visit to access the application system. For information regarding programmes and qualifications, view the 2019 UFS Prospectus here.

Application documents for admission for currently registered students

  • DV2 Form (Application to change an incomplete qualification (degree/diploma/certificate) and or campus of studies by a registered student.)
  • DV3 Form (Application form for registered students in their final year who wish to apply for a new qualification on completion of the qualification (degree/diploma/certificate) they are currently registered for.)

Together with the AP and language requirements as indicated in the 2019 Prospectus (for applications to study in 2019), you need the following:

  • If an applicant did not pass the NSC with admission to Bachelor’s studies or the Senior Certificate (SC) with endorsement, he/she will have to apply for conditional exemption with USAf at
  •  If an applicant wrote any other exam than the NSC, IEB or SC, he/she should apply for conditional exemption with USAf at
  •  If an applicant completed a post-secondary school education and does not have admission to Bachelor’s studies or an endorsement, they should apply for conditional exemption with USAf at

Selection forms

(documents for 2019 will be uploaded as they become available)


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