Cornerstone Institute Postgraduate Certificate In Education (PGCE)

By | January 10, 2018

Cornerstone Institute Postgraduate Certificate In Education (PGCE)

Postgraduate Certificate In Education Intermediate Phase



The aim of this programme is to respond to the increased need for professional educators in South Africa. The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), Intermediate Phase, is for students who want to qualify as professional educators in the Intermediate Phase after having completed an appropriate three-year degree or recognised national diploma.

Programme Coordinator

Peter B. Pedersen has wide experience in education at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. He is passionate about seeing students develop their potential and excel in the classroom as teachers. His professional experience includes two decades of teacher training, coupled with school teaching and administration.

Admission Requirements

A candidate must have complied with all the requirements of a bachelor’s degree (or an approved national diploma of minimum 360 credits at NQF 6 level) from a public or private higher education institution, accredited by a recognised local or foreign accrediting body before the beginning of the academic year for which he/she has been selected.

The prior bachelor’s degree (or approved diploma) must provide a broad knowledge base adequate for teaching in the intermediate phase (IP) i.e. English, Afrikaans and two IP teaching subjects, at NQF level 5 (university degree studies at first year level) or NQF 6 level (second year degree level).

The IP teaching subjects are mathematics, science and technology, social science and life skills. Holders of multi-disciplinary degrees (or approved diplomas) without a main focus in a single field related to teaching could be allowed into the programme, provided that the disciplines underpin the learning requirements for the IP, and the subjects to be taught are taken to NQF 5 or NQF 6 level.

Holders of focussed degrees (or approved diplomas) that lack an adequately broad knowledge base or an adequate specialisation in an IP subject may be required to enrol simultaneously in a teaching subject (at NQF 5 or 6) when registering for the PGCE. See below for the subjects offered at Cornerstone that can be taken to meet entrance requirements, if necessary.

Subjects offered at Cornerstone in 2016 outside the PGCE that provide a broad knowledge base adequate for teaching in the Intermediate Phase:


  • English for Education (12 credits, NQF 5)


  • Afrikaans vir Onderwys (12 credits, NQF 5)


  • Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics (16 credits, NQF 6, from BA Psychology II)

Life Skills

  • 24 credits, NQF 5, from one of the following BA subjects: Philosophy I; Psychology I; Sociology I; Biblical Studies I; Counselling I; Leadership Studies I

Time Commitment

Minimum one year, maximum five years
Full-time or part-time
January and July intakes

Tuition Cost (click here)


Study of Education & Its Foundations

Educational Psychology
History of Education
Philosophy of Education

General Pedagogical Knowledge

Instructional Methods


Conversational isiXhosa
English First Language Didactics
First Additional Language Didactics (English and Afrikaans)
Fundamental Numeracy

Didactics Electives (choose 2)

Life Skills Didactics
Mathematics Didactics
Science & Technology Didactics
Social Science Didactics

Situational Learning

Education and Ethics in Social context

Please click here for module descriptions and credits.

Work-Integrated Learning

Teaching Practice: in 3 different South African schools
Study Praxis/Classroom Management


Registered as Cornerstone Institute (RF) NPC with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a pri-vate higher education institution under the Higher Edu-cation Act, 1997, Registration Certificate No 2001/HE08/006; NQF 7; SAQA ID 57225.