DUT Postgraduate Studies Doctoral Qualifications

By | January 19, 2018

DUT Postgraduate Studies Doctoral Qualifications

Depending upon your starting qualifications, you may register for an appropriate full research Master of Technology (MTech) degree, which requires a completed dissertation, or the degree of Doctor of Technology (DTech) which will require the completion of a thesis. Masters and Doctoral students’ research and dissertations are overseen by a supervisor.


You must demonstrate that you understand the purpose of your research and that you have developed (or adapted) and used appropriate methodologies or techniques. In addition, DTech students must demonstrate novelty in their research findings, which should contribute to new knowledge.

Postgraduate Qualifications on DUT PQM

The following postgraduate qualifications are included on the DUT Programme and Qualification Mix that has been approved by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

DTech: Food and Nutrition

DTech: Business Administration

DTech: Human Resources Management

DTech: Marketing

DTech: Information Technology

DTech: Engineering: Chemical

DTech: Engineering: Civil

DTech: Engineering: Electrical

DTech: Engineering: industrial

DTech: Engineering: Mechanical

DTech: Surveying

DTech: Biomedical Technology

DTech: Chiropractic

DTech: Clinical Technology

DTech: Dental Technology

DTech: Homeopathy

DTech: Nursing

DTech: Biotechnology

DTech: Chemistry

DTech: Public Management