Ekurhuleni West TVET College Admission Requirement

Ekurhuleni West TVET College Admission Requirement

Admission Requirements:


Examination and Assessments


To enrol for any of the NC(V) qualifications at

The final pass mark is compiled by the Internal

NQF Level 2, a prospective student:

Continuous Assessment mark and External

must have a Grade 9 pass or a higher

Examination mark. Internal Assessment is

continuous throughout the year and an External

qualification / ABET Level 4; OR

Examination is written during November each

must have an NQF Level 1 qualification.

year. The external examination also include an

ISAT which is a practical assessment task. ISAT


To enrol for NQF Level 3: competency in

exams are completed earlier in the year, before

the written exam in November.

Learning Outcomes at NQF Level 2


To enrol for NQF Level 4: competency in

Internal Continuous Assessment

Learning Outcomes at NQF Level 3

Internal Assessment comprises of Formative and

Pass Requirements:

Summative Assessment.


You must pass all SEVEN subjects to obtain

Summative Assessment includes class tests,

standardized tests and performance tasks.

the NC(V) qualification at a particular level

Formative Assessment is comprised of class

and to progress to the next NQF Level

work, assignments, research projects, etc. Both


The pass requirement for the four vocational

Formative and Summative Assessment makes up

a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE). This PoE is crucial

subjects is 50% per subject


Competency in Learning Outcomes at NQF Level 2/3 of the same


To obtain a National Certificate: A total of 7 subjects: 3 Fundamental and 4 Vocational Subjects.

Please note:The following subjects are compulsory fundamental subjects for all NC(V) programmes