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About Hatfield Christian Online School

Hatfield Christian Online School (HCoS) was created out of the sound educational tradition of Hatfield Christian School (HCS) in Pretoria. HCS has been successfully educating young South Africans since 1985. Committed to community and nation-building, we have a real desire to embrace the global culture of flexibility and access to learning through technology.

HCoS allows us to help schools facing the challenge of insufficient resources. It’s also a way to extend our student community by offering a solid education to students outside Pretoria or those who for various reasons don’t attend campus schools.

The online system gives these students and their parents the freedom to log on from home and manage their own learning environments. Parents can rest in the fact that specialist teachers navigating the students through their studies have had excellent training. Contact sessions, regular assessments and reporting are built into each course.

Hatfield Christian Online School Programmes

Full Online Option

This is the perfect way to offer your children a comprehensive, in-depth curriculum, facilitated by highly qualified teachers and delivered to your home device.

Parents are an integral part of this approach, managing the home learning environment and task monitoring, while we provide the instruction, assessment and accreditation.

Top-Up Online Option

This option, designed to supplement a learner’s studies, is ideal if your daughter’s current school doesn’t offer all the subjects she wants to take. Or if your son needs extra tuition in a particular learning area, or wants to add an eighth or ninth subject to his academic programme.

If you have completed Matric but your subject choice doesn’t allow entry into a specific field of study or you need additional subjects in order to secure entrance into a tertiary institution; this is the option for you. The Top Up Option is also designed to help those students who may need to complete their matric over more than one year.

School Based Option

We are passionate about serving schools across the country so that as many young people as possible might be reached and equipped with a quality education.

Schools and learning centres wishing to make use of our curriculum may elect to sign up whole classes or individual learners. Those enrolled, work through the relevant course material on their school or learning centre premises, under supervision.

The supervisor need not be a qualified subject specialist but provides structure and accountability, ensuring that leaners access the subject resources and complete the course requirements. Our online teachers will conduct all assessments.

On this option your child is a fulltime student working towards an Independent Examination Board (IEB) matric.

Hatfield Christian Online School Subjects

 Core Subjects

The following subjects form part of the Core Subjects Group.
All students in the FET phase (Grade 10 to 12) are required to take 4 x Core Subjects

 Elective Subjects

The following subjects form part of the Elective Subjects Group.
All students in the FET phase (Grade 10 to 12) are required to take 3 x Elective Subjects