List Of Radio DJ Schools In South Africa

By | April 12, 2020

List Of Radio DJ Schools In South Africa

A Radio DJ plays music on-air and discusses music, news, or other subjects on the breaks between songs. They serve as the public face of the station.


A DJ is someone who plays the music you hear on radio stations, internet radio stations, local bars and dance clubs, and even at wedding receptions.

Below is the list of Radio DJ Schools in South Africa

Wits Radio Academy

DJ4Life Full DJ Training Course

Maloosabi Dj Academy

Cape Audio College Pioneer DJ Academy

Damelin Short Programme in Digital DJ’ing

Urban Music Institute DJ COURSE

CityVarsity Online Introduction to DJing

What do you need to become a radio DJ?

Get a Bachelor’s Degree

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that some radio DJs are required to have no more than a high school diploma; however, many of these professionals earn a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism, communications, or a similar field.

Who is the best DJ in SA?

Without much ado, here are the top ten wealthiest DJs in South Africa as of 2019:

  1. Black Coffee. One of the most prominent DJs in South Africa is Black Coffee.
  2. DJ Tira. Image:, @djtira.
  3. DJ Shimza. Image:,
  4. DJ Euphonik.
  5. DJ Oskido.
  6. Protoculture.
  7. DJ Fresh.
  8. DJ SBU.

Who is the highest paid DJ in South Africa?

Here’s the list of the highest paid DJ’s in South Africa.

  • DJ Black Coffee. Yes we know, it is no surprise that Black Coffee is on this list, after all, he did make it onto Forbes Top 10 list of Africa’s wealthiest artists.
  • DJ Tira.
  • DJ Shimza.
  • DJ Euphonik.
  • DJ Oskido.
  • Culoe De Song.

How do radio DJs get paid?

Radio disc jockeys make more money in larger cities than smaller ones. According to, a money and financial website, the starting salary for a radio disc jockey in 2012 was about $25,000, and most disc jockeys in this field could make between $38,000 to $60,000 per year.

Is DJ a good career?

DJ As A Career Option

The job description is fun+work. They may work alone or with other music professionals, and even other DJs of the event making ultimate rocking songs. They require a good knowledge of music, trends, and a very good capability to study the crowd. Club DJs have a more exciting job in hand.