North-West University Honours Bursary / Scholarship

By | January 19, 2018

North-West University Honours Bursary / Scholarship

Who can apply

  •  For Full-Time students only / Vir Voltydse studente alleenlik
  • Only for students in the FIRST year of the Honours degree. / Slegs vir studente in die EERSTE jaar van die Honneurs graad.

Application Form

Please note: Carefully read the Instant Info with conditions for qualification before completing this form.



All fields compulsory

Please note 

  • Only for students in the FIRST year of the Honours degree. Students from other universities must attach the academic script of the preceding qualifying degree. Incomplete applications are invalid and may lead to disapproval of the application
The academic report and/or the progress report attachment must be only ONE pdf document (all records scanned on one file). Also no attachments send separately by e-mail will be accepted.