UFS Postgraduate School Studies scholarships / funds / bursaries

UFS Postgraduate School Studies scholarships / funds / bursaries

“The university reserves the right to amend without prior notice, the regulations and bursary/loan values and/or conditions applicable to the awarding of bursaries/loans.”


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Bursaries and Scholarship Guide 2018

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The University of the Free State (UFS) believes that a student’s first priority should be their academic work rather than having to worry about the financial burden of their postgraduate studies. It, however, needs to be kept in mind that UFS funds are limited and the application requests are high in number. It is essential for students to plan in advance and secure additional funds to cover tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation and research costs.

More than 1 500 bursaries and scholarships were awarded to postgraduate students this year. These bursaries and scholarships are not awarded automatically. Therefore, students are strongly advised to apply by submitting an application form to the department or organisation responsible for administering the financial support.

There is a dedicated office for Postgraduate Funding Opportunities within the Postgraduate School to assist students to identify sources of finance within the University and beyond, and to prepare successful applications for funding.

RESEARCH Master’s and RESEARCH PhD Tuition Fee Bursary 2018

The Postgraduate School is pleased to announce the University of the Free State’s RESEARCH Master’s and RESEARCH PhD Tuition Fee Bursary for 2018. All NEWResearch Master’s and Research PhD students must complete an application form in order to be considered for funding. Staff members (UFS, CUT, Sol Plaatje University) are excluded from tuition fee bursaries, as they must apply for the study benefit grant.

Phase 1:
Click on the link below. (You should be able to complete the application using either your smart phone, tablet or computer)


Phase 2: 
After completing Phase 1, complete Section A of the editable pdf document below and then email it to your supervisor to complete and sign Section B.

The complete form should be emailed to Joy Nogabe (nogabesj@ufs.ac.za) or Katleho Nyaile (nyailek@ufs.ac.za). For further inquiries, contact +27 51 401 9642/2045.


The Postgraduate Office also offers individual consultations to students who have questions related to financial support. Meetings may be scheduled with Pinky Motlhabane at motlhabanegk@ufs.ac.za.

The administration is partly done by the Postgraduate School located in the Johannes Brill Building, on the Bloemfontein Campus.

T: +27 51 401 7161 (front desk)
E: motlhabanegk@ufs.ac.za or nogabesj@ufs.ac.za

Students may also view the latest funding opportunities on the Postgraduate School’s webpage


Funding for UFS postgraduate studies 2018: