UWC Class Timetables 2018

By | March 5, 2018

UWC Class Timetables 2018

Unregistered Students: Interim Arrangements for Class Attendance


Students who have not yet registered must please check their Faculty Notice Boards or Departmental Notice Boards for a Class Timetable, and may attend classes while they are completing their registration. Please also see below for the 2018 Class Timetable.

As soon as you have completed your registration, you should follow the timetable that you receive with your proof of registration.

Registered Students

Students who have already registered should follow the Class Timetable that they received with the proof of registration or the personal timetable on the Student Portal.

Note that classes commence on 05 February 2018.

2018 Class Timetable 

Dentistry students should consult the Faculty for their timetables.

​You may use this blank timetable template to compile your interim Class Timetable.

Class Timetable Template​​